Tri Valley Recycling, Inc. provides FREE collection of electronic waste from your residence or business. All pickups are made at your location by our professional, uniformed team members.


We offer:

  • We offer complete business clean out services; IT departments, storage areas, manufacturing surpluses, etc..
  • Customized program of collection, disposal, data destruction or recycling to address the unique needs of your organization.
  • Certification that your company or organization is in compliance with the laws regulating e-waste disposal/recycling.
  • Consulting services for companies to design a cradle-to-grave asset management system to ensure cost effective handling of obsolete electronics and compliance with the laws


We offer:

  • Proper handling, disposal and/or recycling of your e-waste, which includes; computer recycling, monitor disposal, television disposal, identity theft prevention via data destruction and/or DOD wipe of hard drives, and all forms of electronic waste disposal and recycling.
  • Data destruction and/or DOD wipe services to ensure that sensitive information on hard drives is protected against identity theft.